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Our Story

Dmitriy Melikhov is a creative vision behind Yosemite Eyewear project.  His idea was to create an eyewear boutique with sustainable and environmentally friendly eyewear collection. The project was named after one of America’s most respected national parks, and was designed to spread awareness and appreciation for America’s pristine beauty. In order to give back, the company will be donating a portion of their proceeds to Yosemite Park, along with other national park organizations in America.

The DNA of the Yosemite Eyewear is committed to making more conscious choices. The brand is taking steps to reduce  environmental impact and makes sure the products that carried in stores are are long-lasting, hand crafted. Some of the eyewear brands  we carry are made of 95% recycled content and other brands are made of 63% bio-based materials, we also ensure ethical labour and living wage through a Supplier Code of Conduct and regular tracing of its suppliers.

Yosemite Eyewear has been a destination for exclusive eyewear from around the globe. WE offer a currated collection of handmade, limited edition glasses and sunglasses from established names like Lunor, Orgreen, Jacques Marie Mage, Alain Mikli Paris to rising stars in eyewear design like Gigi Studios. 

Yosemite Eyewear vision is to become a game-changer in the industry.



While providing professional eye care and a modern collection of fashionable eyewear in a unique and tranquil atmosphere, our mission is to be the best in our field regardless of the methods or inclinations of our colleagues.

We are Yosemite Eyewear and we’re changing the way people think of eye care by providing innovative optical solutions, and an amazing eyewear shopping experience, and our trademark “personal touch” service.


WE provide a one-of-a-kind optical experience deeply personalized, by design.

dmitriy melikhov yosemite eyewear-yosemite eyewear
Dmitriy Melikhov


carlos madureira yosemite eyewear optician - yosemite eyewear
Carlos Madureira

Optical Advisor

Marina Skripnik


Cash yosemite eyewear
Cash Melix



A big business starts small.. 

We believe selecting frames that best amplify one’s individuality is an art and fitting them with precision is a craft. We have hand-selected a team of expert opticians who execute masterfully at our boutiques from initial styling and fitting through the continued service and care of each piece.

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