Yosemite National Park is known for its stunning waterfalls and granite cliffs, clear streams, peaceful lakes, mountains, and glaciers. If you’ve seen the Yosemite Valley, you’ll have seen the incredible granite summits and forests of pines.

It is renowned around the world for its natural beauty, attracting thousands of visitors per day seeking the park's scenic wonders.

Yosemite is extraordinary. It inspires us every single day.

When we arrive at our optical shop in Newton, we see the Yosemite sign and are reminded why we had no hesitation getting out of bed, why we put in the hours to provide a quality experience for our customers, and how grateful we are for this opportunity to give something back. Being at Yosemite Eyewear reminds us that the world is an amazing place and we like to contribute to that in a few ways.

1. Yosemite National Park is about the conservation of something beautiful. At Yosemite Eyewear, we work with designers who have clear, authentic, fair business practices. We are proud to have partnered with brands such as Eco and Jacques Marie Mage. If an eyewear designer is using sustainably sourced materials and they treat their workers right, that ticks our boxes. We hope it ticks yours too.

2. If Yosemite Eyewear is a fraction as inspiring to others as the incredible Yosemite Valley is to us, then we’ve done our jobs. We want our customers to walk out of our space feeling renewed and refreshed, confident and powerful. Our client base is a force of nature.

3. Our platform spreads awareness and appreciation for America’s pristine beauty. We don’t just sell fantastic designer glasses to shoppers in Newton. In a bid to do something for the environment, we will donate a portion of our proceeds to Yosemite Park, as well as other national park organizations in America.

When you come into our store, you’ll feel at ease. Not only is our staff professional and attentive, but our space features a light, clean, modern design that gives you room to breathe and be yourself.

We like businesses that marry professional service with a social conscience. If you do too, we’d love to see you in our optical shop in Newton MA.