Many Americans rely on the assistance of glasses to be able to see perfectly. Since those who wear glasses must do so for many hours a day, it is essential to find a pair that complements one’s style and personality. Here are some great helpful hints to find the perfect glasses to meet your needs without sacrificing any of the style points you want to achieve.

Face Shape

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when deciding on a new pair of glasses is the shape of your face. Certain frame shapes complement different face shapes. Some rules-of-thumb to keep in mind when choosing frames include:

  • People with round faces should look at square or rectangular frames, as they tend to add balance by making the face look slimmer and longer.

  • People with oval faces should look for frames with a strong bridge and are wider than the broadest part of the face. Frames that are geometric in shape are ideal.

  • People with square faces should choose frames that soften the natural angles of their faces. Look for frames that sit high on the nose. Oval or round lenses will add balance to square faces.

  • People with a diamond-shaped faces should accentuate their foreheads and chins by wearing frames that either sweep up the cheekbones or are wider than them. Cat eye and oval lenses are great choices.

  • People with heart-shaped faces need to balance the wide forehead and narrow chin. Glasses that have low-set temples and bottom-heavy frame lines are a great option. Choosing round or oval lenses is also a good idea.

Think About Your Skin Tone

Since your glasses sit on your face, it is vital to make sure the frames you choose work with your skin tone. If they clash, it can look quite bad. In fact, having your glasses complement your skin tone is far more important that matching the frames to your hair color. To select the colored frame that will work best with your skin tone, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • If you have a warm skin tone with a yellow, bronze or golden tint to it, choose shades of brown, tortoise shell, gold, honey, beige or olive green. Stay away from contrasting colors like pastels, white or black.

  • If you have a cool skin tone with pink or blue undertones, try going with frames that are silver, black, pink, purple, mauve, gray or dark tortoise shell.

Highlight Your Best Facial Feature

When you must wear glasses, it presents a great opportunity to highlight your best facial features. Chances are that you know which features are your best, so take the opportunity to put your best foot forward. Whether you have stunning eyes, high cheekbones or a demure nose, let the world see you at your best.

Focus on Your Hairstyle

If your hairstyle does not change often, Look for frames that highlight that style. Your hair can convey many messages about you, so it should always look its best. Choosing the right frames will help you accomplish that goal. If you tend to keep your hair long and straight, opt for frames with square lenses. If you love to sport bangs, keep the frames light. If you keep your hair simple, try a bold frame that stands out.

Consider Your Wardrobe

Of course, you do not wear the same clothes every day. But, chances are that you gravitate to a particular style of clothing. Whether you prefer loose-fitting or baggy clothes or lean toward close-fitting styles that contour your frame, your glasses should complement the outfits you wear. For example, if you like to dress in vintage styles, try wearing cat eye glasses. If athleisure gear is your preference, try a more simple style with rectangular lenses. If most of your wardrobe consists of various shades of the same color, go for something that matches or is complementary to it.

Choose Frames that fit Your Lifestyle

Before you choose frames for your glasses, take some time to consider your lifestyle and what activities you will engage in when you wear your glasses. If you live an active lifestyle and do much moving during the day, consider going with a flexible frame that will bend without breaking. If you work in an office, try a contemporary yet professional-looking style that flatters your features. If you are a parent of young children, opt for a more functional style that is both simple and stylish.

Choose Frames that fit Your Personality

The frames you choose should reflect your personality. If you are a fun-loving person who has an effervescent personality, go with a frame that lets people know you are in the room. There are many frames out there that come in a variety of colors and also allow for adornments that can highlight your outgoing personality. If you are a more conservative and quiet person, then choose a frame that is more neutral in nature.

If you need a new pair of glasses and are ready for a new and exiting look, come see us today and we will set you up with the best pair of glasses you have ever had!