The runways feature sunglasses as a must-have accessory. The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) recommends wearing them to protect your vision. How do you find the pair which makes a fashionable statement? Take the following points into consideration as you browse the rows and columns of options.

Don’t Be Short Sighted: Protect Your Eyes

The fashion statement of sunglasses gets the street cred. But, not just any pair of on-trend shades will do. The primary factor in making a good choice in eyewear is their protective features which keep you seeing well into the future.

When shopping for the right sunglasses, look for:

  • Labelling which reads UV 400 or 100 percent UV protection(the AAO recommendation)Sunglasses act as “sunscreen for your eyes” to prevent eye damage, like cataracts and cancers.

  • Polarized lenses to reduce glare off other surfaces. This feature is especially useful when driving the open road or enjoying outdoor sports on a bright day.

  • Wrap around or oversized styles to block more of the sun’s rays. UV protection decreases if the sun’s rays sneak around the sides of your specs.

  • Shatterproof lenses made of polycarbonate or Trivex. Accidents and sports injuries to the eye cause mild to serious damage. Impact-resistant lenses keep objects at bay.

  • Quality over cost. Getting a pair of sunnies with protective features is worth the investment.

Get the Right Look: Consider Your Face Shape and Complexion

Diversity gives each of us a different face shape and varying complexions — a range of human beauty. Sunglasses which complement your face shape tend to look good. And, considering your complexion makes for a perfect match.

Dark frames, like black and navy blue, work well with darker hair and complexions. Browns and tortoise shell frames complement lighter complexions and hair. Of course, experimenting with the options may find exceptions. But, this general rule gives you a place to begin.

The shape of a pair of cool shades should be opposite your face shape. For instance, round frames work especially well on square faces. Rectangular options balance the proportions of a triangular face. Check out Business Insider’s 2015 Insider Picks article for more ideas.

Make the Right Choice: Trendy or Classic?

You also have the option of going trendy or classic with your specs. Trendy sunglasses keep your look current. But, they need a replacement sooner than a classic pair. Classic styles look on-trend across fads and over several years. For the budget-conscious, classic wins the day.

Bringing back an old favorite, like this year’s runway-popular cat-eye styles, adds vintage flair with a modern vibe. Designers also tweak the standbys to bring them fresh into a new generation. Blue-tinted lenses and shrunken vintage styles give nod to Insta-influencers.

This year’s fashion week saw oversized sporty models with full eye protection. Other sport performance shades appeared with colorful interpretations. And, croakies, the stylish eyeglass retainers worn by Princess Diana, got new life as a modern way to keep track of those sunnies.

Have Fun: Match Your Mood, Personality and Outfit

With sunglasses becoming an integral part of fashion designer collections, the options for having fun are blown wide open. Choose a pair which frames your mood, personality or outfit.

  • Mood: A bright pair of sporty frames shares your cheery mood with the world. A dark, full coverage lens lets you sink into the backdrop. Some colored lenses claim to elevate mood with color therapy. But, any fashionista knows a great-looking pair of specs raises mood on its own.

  • Personality:Just like the clothes you wear, sunglass frames send a message about your personality. Clean lines say you are practical. Colorful frames tell of your creativity. Put on brow line frames to show you mean serious business. Or, add big round versions when expressing your quirkiness.

  • Outfit: Sunglasses stand out on their own. Minimize other accessories, jewelry and color to let them shine. Try sporty styles with outdoor looks. Or, classic rectangles to work a power suit. Think finish as well. Gold, chrome and matte black add authority to your business face.

Work It Out: Fit Your Sunnies to Your Activity

Sports and outdoor activities call for the perfect sunglasses. With protection already in the bag, a few other considerations come into play when you are working out or adventuring in the sun.

Look for...

  • Lightweight, flexible comfort to avoid irritation with movement and sweat.

  • Proper fit to keep those sunnies in place as you turn up the action.

  • Impact-resistant frames and lenses to protect when an object strikes.

  • Curved lenses and wrap around frames to keep sun out as you change direction.

  • Reactive lenses which lighten and darken based on the conditions.

Also, be sure to gauge your activity with your sunglass choice. Some features work great for long, quiet hours of fishing on the open water. Others hold tight when the elevations and conditions change while rock climbing.


When it comes to choosing sunglasses, the best fit is the pair which protects your eyes and fits your face and lifestyle. Get recommendations, experiment with styles and features, and find the pair you love. Yosemite Eyewear gets you into the shades made to fit you perfectly.