Are your kids asking for cool, designer sunglasses? It’s not surprising. Designer sunglasses are not just for adults anymore. The Internet has increased our youngsters’ awareness of fashion and cool accessories. The good news is, you need to protect your kid’s eyes anyway, so why not go with a designer pair of cool shades!

When choosing designer eyeglasses for your child or teen, consider the following:

  • Durability
  • Amount of protection
  • Style
  • Prescription needs
  • Price

The last thing you want to do is buy your child a pair of designer sunglasses and have them broken the next day. Kids aren’t going to be gentle with their glasses, especially during play. They need to be able to still be kids! For that reason, be sure and purchase sunglasses with durable materials.

Lenses that are made from polycarbonate are impact-resistant and less likely to break. Look for frames that are flexible and have spring hinges that allow you to bend the frame without breaking. Also look for fit. Make sure your child’s designer sunglasses have a close fit and aren’t too loose.

Amount of Protection
While the kids want to look cool in their fashion sunglasses, as a parent, you’ll be focused on the protection the sunglasses provide. Kids needs to protect their eyes from UV light, especially since most kids spend a lot of time outside or at the pool. You’ll want to make sure your child is wearing their sunglasses just like they wear sunscreen.

Kids needs sunglasses that protect against 100% UVA and UVB rays. Don’t skimp on this and invest in good quality glasses for your child’s eyes. Even on cloudy days the rays could cause damage. The good news is, once your child has a designer pair of glasses they love, they will want to wear them all the time!

While you are looking for the sunglasses with the best protection, your child is looking strictly at style. You can find a lot of designer styles for kids these days, but you’ll still want to consider the durability factor.

Style will vary depending on the age of your child. A toddler is going to want something very different than a teenager. Let your child help choose their style of glasses so they’ll be more inclined to wear them.

When trying to choose a style of sunglasses that will look great on your child, take into the mind the following:

  • Shape of face
  • Skin tone 
  • Hair color
  • Age of child
  • Personality

Prescription Needs
Your youngster may be wearing prescription glasses. If that’s the case, you can get a second pair with tinted polycarbonate lenses. There are a lot of style options for prescription sunglasses, it just may require keeping track of two pairs of glasses. But that’s okay, it’s worth it to protect your child’s eyes.

To style your youngster in designer sunglasses, you’ll need to invest a little more, but it’s worth it. Good quality sunglasses by reputable designers aren’t going to be cheap, even for kids, but they will last, provide the protection you need for your child, and will keep your fashionable youngster decked out in the best eye gear.

When considering price, keep the following in mind:

  • Better frame materials cost more to produce.
  • Cheap means they will most likely break easily; invest in durability.
  • Good quality lens come with 100% UV protection; invest in protection.
  • A better quality set of sunglasses come with a good case to protect them.
  • With nicer things, comes more pride in caring for them; teach your child responsibility.

You might be tempted to buy the cheap sunglasses you see at the grocery store but resist the temptation! They often have poor quality lens that are sometimes distorted, causing your child to resist wearing them. The lens may say “UV Protection” but they may not say how much protection. Invest in quality for your child.

Set a Good Example
You might be worried about your child taking care of a good pair of designer sunglasses, but you can lead by example. Chances are you invested in good sunglasses for yourself. Show your child how to properly handle them and how to put them in the case when they aren’t being used.

The most important thing is to show your child the importance of wearing sunglasses in the first place. Teach them how critical it is to protect their eyes in the sun. If you are always wearing your sunglasses, your child will learn to wear theirs as well. If they have a quality pair of designer sunglasses that show off their fashion sense, they’ll be even more inclined to wear them!