There are so many parts of our wardrobe that we do not give a second thought. Sometimes things that fade into the background are the biggest opportunities to make a fashion statement. Forget about defining your glasses as an essential item that you need to use, and think of them as an chance to express yourself. When choosing your frames, think about being bold and selecting fashionable eyewear so you can be stylish from head to toe.

Think About Shape
When choosing an outfit, a person thinks about what would look good on them, what shapes are flattering, what colors they are fond of and so on. The same can be said about the types of glasses you should pick. Take your time exploring the shapes available. What looks good on your face? What fits the look you are going for? There are so many possibilities.

Here are some of your physical features to consider:

  • Shape of your face (oval, round, square)
  • Skin tone
  • Browline
  • Eye color
  • Unique facial features (large eyes, high cheekbones)
  • Your Hair/Hairstyle

All of these elements will help you determine what frames will fit your expectations.

Doing some research online will make it easier to learn certain tips like how frames with wide bottoms are great choices for people with heart-shaped faces. Or that the popular tortoise shell look is perfect for those with cool skin tones. At the same time, don’t be afraid to experiment and find out what suits you. Have some fun with it!

Think about Your Daily Routine
As obvious or unexciting as it may sound, the one thing to be mindful of is the comings and goings of your daily life. Some of the bolder choices in eyewear may be cumbersome and get in the way of physical tasks. Imagine yourself going through a typical day and make sure it is the right fit before you commit. You wouldn’t pick a heel too high or skinny to wear if your feet couldn’t handle it, so don’t skip practicality as a consideration for your eyewear.

Think about Who YOU are
Fashion eyewear is rarely neutral and always makes a statement. Even though frame styles are conducive to faces and physical features, they can also match your fashion sense and personality. Do you have a specific look that you cultivate through your wardrobe and accessorizing? Maybe select frames that are just as specific and tailor-made to your style.

Are you...

  • Edgy and different? Maybe consider a pair of rule-breaking oversized frames.
  • Classic? Wayfarer or round might suit you better.
  • Trendy or modern? Thick framed glasses, also known as hipster or “nerdy” glasses, may do the trick. 
  • Vintage? Try horn-rimmed, cat-eye or the aforementioned tortoise shell to bring another level to your style.

Maybe you are more eclectic and your style changes day-to-day. There is nothing stopping you from finding a versatile pair of frames that goes with everything you own. Basic shapes like round and square can still bring a bit of flair if you get the right ones. And crazy colors don’t have to blend in perfectly in order for you to wear them. It is actually a quite a chic choice! Speaking of chic...

How Daring do you Want to be?
Once you get used to the idea of eyewear as a piece of fashion, you can treat it like any other accessory. But what if instead of having them complement a look, what if they were the look?

Sometimes, it is fun to choose a bold statement piece that doesn’t necessarily match outfits, but instead acts as the first thing people notice, an extension of your personality. They can be larger than life and as loud and as daring as you want to be.

Here are some aesthetics to think about when choosing statement eyewear:

  • Loud, bright, bold colors
  • Exaggerated size
  • Unique or unorthodox shapes
  • Intricate, ornate decorations (metal designs, sparkly embellishments)
  • One or more flashy patterns
  • Accessories (glasses chains, cool cases)

Think about it this way. When people dye their hair, specifically colors that one would find in a crayon box, they don’t worry about whether it would clash their work clothes or party dresses. It is part of who they are, and you should treat your glasses in similar fashion. They can be your signature if you let them.

Overall, the goal is to find fashion eyewear that fits your style, physical appearance and your lifestyle. It is hard for many people to identify something corrective and prescribed to you as a stylish accessory that can bring an extra level of joy or creativity, but they really can and should. Each person is different, and finding a balance what you are looking for in fashionable eyewear is all part of the process. Always remember that glasses do not have to be boring!